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The Minstrel

The Minstrel

June 25, 2008

rockhestra signature series..white version

finally..the white version released...its more cool than black rite?hahaha.
we are taking orders now..
1-improved tshirt quality
2-improved printing quality
3-improved designer creativity.hehehehe

thanks for rockhestra supporter..contact me.and i'll gv special price for u guys.

football craze..

eat ball,drink ball,sleep ball......kick balls!

news(korean boy band?) concert tour tees-customized by rockhestra

news customized official tees..(for gurls only kay..)

June 15, 2008

debut design..here it comes..

welcome to rockhestra.
after printed so many customer-self-designed tees.finally we managed to produced our debut design.

a masterpiece from rockhestra.. this is a sample picture. once produced, the real pic will be upload. we are taking order now.size? s-xxl. color?black.

comments and critics are much welcome.
for all friends and supporters.and..not forgetting the visitors ..

thanks so much

real pic of the design..

"this is not a mainstream stuff, but just to show how our local scene is all about"

June 3, 2008

the products. (part 2) here they come...

custom tees for emzec comm(cyber cafe)

skuterisme-thanks to mr.hikano

sweet design-love and toilet?( a connection of unexpected moment)

ROCKHESTRA tribute to past,future and present bikers. we r all against prejudice

this limited edition sold like 'fried banana'
tq so much..ride with proud!

new rockhestra corporate logo(??)

skuteris(spell in bm) edition..

customization of evans(drums brand)

matyi with h
is noku's-designed "orang timur"
thanks for the pic.

he increase of oil price? nevermind people,,here come rockhestra

bikerz edition. againtz prejudice and corruption. united bikerz!

cute "merenk" design.

smallscoot community

tviq fans.