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The Minstrel

The Minstrel

November 24, 2008

Bikerz T by rockhestra - tribute to past,present and future bikers.

Thanks to Wak Jaly fromMBC, his support and guidance gv us the idea to produce 2nd edition of Bikerz T. More and more design for bikers comming up. Those bikers or non-bikers can have this T. Maybe one day, Rockhestra can be another Malaysian bikers label??

Thsirt up for sale, for RM 23 per pc.

Another Photography T by Terengganu based 'Cute Lens'

November 20, 2008

here it comes..rockhestra presents.. ROCKHEVOLUTION

Release date: 24 nov 08

Tshirt color: black and white

Description: a blend of abstract flora art combine with the emotion of rebellious, not forgetting the tribal stars representing revolution..plus the slight feel of rock n roll. Rockhestra clothing company presenting Rockhevolution.

November 19, 2008

another series of custom T.

All d way from India. thanks to Sobri

Royal blue of FLORA for akak Post Office

Another photography T..thanks to Simmy from Sarawak.