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The Minstrel

The Minstrel

April 27, 2008

welcome to ROCKhestra! first post would be the introduction of my clothing label.check it out.

here in ROCKhestra, we provide printing service for all kind of t shirts. Name your size and color, plus submit your design..and wear your own designed t shirt with proud. we also have our own design which you can choose from. price? very affordable. its negotiable(for many quantity).


TM Nuriman a.K.a noku said...

hi bro..leh tau kt mana lokasi bro, cmner nk buat order, cmner nk wt pembayaran, cmner nk amik tshirt tu, adakah warna terhad..bnyk lagi soalan2 ni..


payne11 said...

order=bank in
curier tshirt.
warna,mcm2 r bro.
leh email design.
tp yg simple2 r.nanti aku upload tshirt yg dh siap bg ko tgk.

dell darla said...

payne! i support u! yihaaa! ^_^